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Waterbury Weddings

Thatcher Brook Inn is a perfect location for your intimate ceremony in one of the porch gazebos or near a romantic fireplace in Winter. We will assist you with planning every step of the way.  For specific Vermont license information, click here.


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Getting Married in Vermont

Before your ceremony, you will need to purchase a Vermont marriage license. It must be presented to the officiate before your marriage is performed.

Out-of-state residents must buy their license in the county where they plan to marry. Waterbury is located in Washington County. Any town clerk in that county can issue the license.  A Vermont license costs $45.  You do not need a blood test to get married in Vermont.

You must provide your legal town of residence and your place and date of birth; you will also need to know your parents names including your mothers maiden name, and the states where your parents were born. (A certified copy of your birth certificate can supply most of this information.) Vermont laws requires that at least one of you must sign in the presence of the town clerk, certifying that all facts are correct; however, most town clerks prefer to see both of you in person before issuing your license to marry, as the law requires that they satisfy themselves that you are both free to marry under Vermont Laws. They legally ask to see documented proof of your statements, for example birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc.

You will need to provide information about your race, the highest grade you completed in school, the number of times you have been married and how your previous marriage(s), if any, ended. This information does not become part of the marriage certificate.

Vermont law does not require witnesses. If you are planning a religious ceremony, check with your church or synagogue to see if religious tenets require witnesses for yourwedding.

Rehearsal Dinners and Wedding Receptions 

There are many fine restaurants located near the Inn.  Contact us for more information and referrals, we would be happy to assist you with your planning.

Friday April 18, 2014