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Biking Through Vermont

The best way to enjoy the scenery of Vermont is by bike. The quiet villages and breath-taking scenery of Central Vermont could not have been better designed for the biking enthusiast. The roads winding through historic communities and picturesque country sides provide a perfect setting for your biking excursions. Along the way you may glimpse the occasional covered bridge, hillside waterfalls, rivers and streams.

Self-Guided Tours

The tour routes described here are just a sample of some designed for the recreational cyclist and require a reasonable level of fitness due to the hilly terrain.

Waterbury-Stowe -(click here for details)

Mountain views, rivers, farm pastures, historic villages and shops will greet the cyclists on this loop which follows Routes 100 and 108 from Waterbury to Stowe. An alternate route is available on route 12 to Montpelier.

Montpelier-(click here for details)

This route takes you from Waterbury to Montpelier, the smallest capital in the U.S., via route 2.  Historic and architecturally impressive buildings  highlight the city while farmsteads and green pastures grace the landscape just minutes away.

Mad River Valley-(click here for details)

Following route 100 south out of Waterbury to the quaint villages of Waitsfield and Warren, you will witness some of the mountainous scenery for which Vermont is famous.


Click here for a map of self guided routes.

Wednesday April 23, 2014